Core Education Trust

CORE Education Trust

CORE Education Trust’s mission is to provide children with a high-quality educational experience realised through a collective commitment to four CORE Values:


We will promote, facilitate and support an outward facing culture in all our Schools.


We will run our Schools efficiently and effectively to develop capacity, ensure transparent governance and improve performance.


We will commit to beyond statutory safeguarding standards in our Schools and additionally ensure all our children have access to a wide range of cultural experiences.


We will be uncompromising in our aspiration to achieve the highest standards in all our endeavours and be committed to investing in programmes of excellence for all our staff to achieve this.

Each School will be supported, challenged and monitored to ensure these Values are embedded. As well as incorporating the CORE Values in the environment of the School and by adopting them into specific School initiatives, each School is required to determine and promote a bespoke set of “CORE Characteristics”. These characteristics map each Value to a staff and student/pupil entitlement agreed by the Headteacher as appropriate to the local context of the School. The characteristics will be identifiable features of the School and celebrated with visitors to the School and stakeholders.

A CORE education for the children at each of our Schools is underpinned by a curriculum philosophy at the centre of which lies an uncompromising focus on the development of character and communication.

We welcome your views and encourage you to contact us if you would like to support our work.

Next Tuesday we will all be pirates in Year 2. What an abundance of experiences we offer to our Explorers. @COREeducate #COREopportunity

During our assembly today, there was a spontaneous round of applause for Marcel. He has truly made a difference to our Explorers.
#CORErespect @EchoEternal112

What a joy it is to run Breakfast Club. The children are really loving the #COREopportunity to start their day with choices of many cereals, juice, toast and lashings of great company!

We are all planning to celebrate our love of reading. We wondered which books our followers love! Please comment and recommend some.

Community partnerships matter to us. Thank you to St Thomas CE Academy for inviting us to their parents’ welcome evening. It was also a pleasure to host their Yr 5 & 6 students today for a science lesson!⁦@CORECityBham⁩ #COREcollaboration ⁦@COREeducate⁩

A students perspective of Open Evening 2019. Jake in 8JTE explored @COREArenaAcad with a tour of visitors this evening and caught some great highlights. #ArenaPride #COREexcellence

So exciting to see prospective students getting involved in our ASK curriculum tonight. With the #COREOpportunity to explore what it’s like to be a student at @COREArenaAcad #ArenaPride #AskArena

What an outstanding turn out for Open Evening 2019. Our Students leadership team have just began tours of @COREArenaAcad Tweets of the evening will be live all evening. #ArenaPride #COREexcellence

As part of our partnership work, Miss Slater and Miss Holness are guests tonight at St Thomas CE Academy’s welcome evening for parents. Christmas has come early with tonight’s theme! #COREcollaboration ⁦@COREeducate⁩

Our Student Leaders are ready to take the lead in the Open Evening Presentation. This is one of our favourite evenings of the year, we get to show exactly why we are so proud of our school. #ArenaPride #COREExcellence @COREeducate

Our dedicated teachers enjoy spending Wednesdays sharing successes and developing ideas to enhance teaching and learning. This week, we focus on Driving Questions. #COREcollaboration #COREexcellence

It was a privilege to attend ⁦@CORENansen⁩ assembly today. The whole school learning about Marcel Anisfeld as part of ⁦@EchoEternal112⁩ #CORErespect

3rd week in & Year 7 have been creating some big philosophical questions based on the concepts they have been discussing in their English Skills lesson today. Students had a chance at articulating their points of views & debate the opinions of others. #ASKArena #COREexcellence

Collaboration and precision has enabled a core practical on refraction to be completed this morning in science. #COREcollaboration #COREexcellence #RockwoodScience

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