Core Education Trust

CORE Education Trust

CORE Education Trust’s mission is to provide children with a high-quality educational experience realised through a collective commitment to four CORE Values:


We will promote, facilitate and support an outward facing culture in all our Schools.


We will run our Schools efficiently and effectively to develop capacity, ensure transparent governance and improve performance.


We will commit to beyond statutory safeguarding standards in our Schools and additionally ensure all our children have access to a wide range of cultural experiences.


We will be uncompromising in our aspiration to achieve the highest standards in all our endeavours and be committed to investing in programmes of excellence for all our staff to achieve this.

Each School will be supported, challenged and monitored to ensure these Values are embedded. As well as incorporating the CORE Values in the environment of the School and by adopting them into specific School initiatives, each School is required to determine and promote a bespoke set of “CORE Characteristics”. These characteristics map each Value to a staff and student/pupil entitlement agreed by the Headteacher as appropriate to the local context of the School. The characteristics will be identifiable features of the School and celebrated with visitors to the School and stakeholders.

A CORE education for the children at each of our Schools is underpinned by a curriculum philosophy at the centre of which lies an uncompromising focus on the development of character and communication.

We welcome your views and encourage you to contact us if you would like to support our work.

We're looking for inspiring and innovative #KS2 Teachers to join us in creating magical moments, delivering a #CORE education & nurturing tomorrow's explorers. #COREopportunity #PrimarySchool #TeachingJobs

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On #WorldHumanitarianDay, we're proud to share that last year we achieved @UNICEF_uk Sliver Rights Respecting School status. This means we create safe spaces for our explorers where they're respected, their talents are nurtured, & they're responsible active citizens. #CORErespect

At JQA, we're proud to promote the development of performing arts subjects such as music. From developing language and reasoning to allowing mastery of memorisation to building emotional awareness, imagination & a sense of achievement, music is a powerful subject #COREopportunity

At Central Academy, our mantra is high expectations, high challenge and high support. Our students live and breathe this mantra alongside promoting our #CORE values. During P.E., our students challenge themselves to develop new skills with support from staff. #COREexcellence

During a trip to @BM_AG, our students were challenged to take photos inspired by the lifestyle and culture of Birmingham's city centre. Some of this work ended up on display at @PentaBHX. #WorldPhotographyDay2019 #COREexcellence

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PENTA Hotel Art Visit

Students in Years 9 & 10 have had their artwork displayed on exhibition at PENTA Hotel Birmingham. During a trip to the Birmingham Museum and Art G...

It's #WorldPhotographyDay2019! We pride ourselves on creating life-changing education experiences for all our students at @COREArenaAcad @CORECentralAcad @CORECityBham @COREJQAcademy @CORENansen @CORERockwood. These are just a few of the magical moments we've captured #COREpride

This weekend our amazing Head of MFL has been working with the British Council and Qatar Foundation at the Summer Institute for Arabic teachers, helping to develop Arabic teachers from across the UK, Ireland, Germany and the USA #COREcollaboration #COREexcellence #RockwoodMFL

We're looking for motivated, forward-thinking and innovative #KS2Teachers to join us in delivering a #CORE education and help us nurture tomorrow's explorers. #BirminghamSchools #JobsInSchools #TeachingVacancy

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Students at our academy benefit from opportunities to nurture their individual interests, aspirations and talents. This includes a focus on developing their soft skills for real-world activities such as preparing and cooking meals alongside academic studies. #COREopportunity

On #FlashbackFriday, we look back on when anti-violence campaigner @ali_Cope visited us to run interactive workshops with Year 8, 9 and 10 students on raising knife crime awareness. Students were inspired and moved by the powerful workshops. #CORErespect

Students take part in Knife Crime Workshops

On Wednesday 20th March 2019, Central Academy students in Year‘s 8, 9 and 10 took part in knife crime workshops delivered by special guest speak...

We're proud to sponsor six schools in #Birmingham. We're also proud to have six dynamic, forward-thinking and innovative headteachers who inspire our students and promote our #CORE values. #COREpride #COREexcellence

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In January 2018 we had the honour of launching @EchoEternal112 with supported from the @UKHMF. Since the launch, we've made 18 Echoes, held an exhibition & commemorative performance & expanded into Coventry.
#ThrowbackThursday #CORErespect #WeWillRemember

GCSE Results Day will take place next week on Thursday 22nd August.

Timings for collection of results are as follows:
9:30am – 10:30am is for Year 11 to collect their results.
10:30am – 11:00am is for Year 10 to collect their results.

#GCSEResults2019 #COREexcellence

Throughout the academic year, any letters we send home are also available for you to read on our website. Recent letters include information regarding #GCSEResultsDay2019 and our Headteacher, Mr Williams, end of year letter.

Read here:

This time next week our students from @COREArenaAcad @CORECentralAcad @CORECityBham @COREJQAcademy & @CORERockwood will have received their GCSE results. We're very proud of our students, their hard work & all they've achieved whilst with us. #COREexcellence #GCSEresultsday

We absolutely love our colourful bee-themed wall in our library (@CORENansenLib) - thank you @AmesCharley! We've got some books about bees we highly recommend for our buzzing explorers before September. #NANsensational #COREexcellence #SchoolLibrary

We're incredibly proud to sponsor six schools across Birmingham. It is our mission to provide our students with a high-quality educational experience influenced by our #CORE values. #COREpride

You can discover more about our schools and our values here:

During this academic year, our students collaborated artistically with @sima_gonsai to explore & respond creatively and theatrically to #Holocaust survivor Mady Gerrard's @UKHMF testimony for @EchoEternal112. #CORErespect

You can watch our response here:

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