Core Education Trust

CORE Education Trust

CORE Education Trust’s mission is to provide children with a high-quality educational experience realised through a collective commitment to four CORE Values:


We will promote, facilitate and support an outward facing culture in all our Schools.


We will run our Schools efficiently and effectively to develop capacity, ensure transparent governance and improve performance.


We will commit to beyond statutory safeguarding standards in our Schools and additionally ensure all our children have access to a wide range of cultural experiences.


We will be uncompromising in our aspiration to achieve the highest standards in all our endeavours and be committed to investing in programmes of excellence for all our staff to achieve this.

Each School will be supported, challenged and monitored to ensure these Values are embedded. As well as incorporating the CORE Values in the environment of the School and by adopting them into specific School initiatives, each School is required to determine and promote a bespoke set of “CORE Characteristics”. These characteristics map each Value to a staff and student/pupil entitlement agreed by the Headteacher as appropriate to the local context of the School. The characteristics will be identifiable features of the School and celebrated with visitors to the School and stakeholders.

A CORE education for the children at each of our Schools is underpinned by a curriculum philosophy at the centre of which lies an uncompromising focus on the development of character and communication.

We welcome your views and encourage you to contact us if you would like to support our work.

If you are a dynamic, forward-thinking individual and passionate about delivering a CORE education in our schools @COREArenaAcad, @CORECentralAcad, @CORECityBham, @COREJQAcademy and @CORERockwood currently have vacancies:
#COREopportunity #COREpride

Lawrence and Parina are writing their contributions for the newsletter about their experience with @EchoEternal112 when they witnessed interviews of survivors the Tutsi Genocide in Rwanda. #CORErespect #GenocideAgainstTutsi

Wishing everyone a joyous wellbeing Tuesday. ❣️Happiness is not something you postpone for the future; it is something we design for the present ✨#COREexcellence

It is so inspiring to see the beautiful family tree in Nursery. Together we create a masterpiece.

Our year 10 students giving a biographical account for #BlackHistoryMonth #CORErespect #COREopportunity #COREcollaboration

Our interactive #BlackHistoryMonth presentation led by our students for our students #COREexcellence #COREopportunity #CORErespect

A year ago we confirmed our commitment to the #LivingWageMovement. Back In November 2018, we were incredibly proud to be accredited as the 100th @LivingWageUK employer in the West Midlands promoting our belief in ethical sponsorship and leading by example #CORErespect #COREpride

Central Academy is celebrating this week as Wellbeing Week. 💕Everyday may not be good but there is something good 🏅in everyday 🏆✨#COREopportunity #CORErespect

Great to have @Bham_City_Missn in delivering important messages in assembly last week. Partnerships matter to us in enriching student lives! #COREcollaboration

“I have a dream that little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the colour of their skin but by the content of their character.” Martin Luther King, 1963. We strive for equality at City, every single day for every single person #CORErespect

Well done 🏅to all 18 Year 11 students who came for another successful Maths Revision ✍️session @maths_core @MsethiC @AcademyYear #COREopportunity #COREexcellence

We were incredibly pleased to see 100% of our Year 11 students and their families on Thursday, at their Learning Review Evening. True #COREcollaboration

More amazing team work from our students, investigating the rates Core Practical #COREexcellence #COREopportunity #COREcollaboration #RockwoodScience

Heart dissection is a fascinating experience for our year 9 today in @MrLWilkins lesson @WMS_CentralAcad #COREexcellence

❣️The original pump that is the drumbeat of our lives ❣️ Students learning the core of circulatory system #COREexcellence

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