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CORE Education Trust

CORE Education Trust’s mission is to provide children with a high-quality educational experience realised through a collective commitment to four CORE Values:


We will promote, facilitate and support an outward facing culture in all our Schools.


We will run our Schools efficiently and effectively to develop capacity, ensure transparent governance and improve performance.


We will commit to beyond statutory safeguarding standards in our Schools and additionally ensure all our children have access to a wide range of cultural experiences.


We will be uncompromising in our aspiration to achieve the highest standards in all our endeavours and be committed to investing in programmes of excellence for all our staff to achieve this.

Each School will be supported, challenged and monitored to ensure these Values are embedded. As well as incorporating the CORE Values in the environment of the School and by adopting them into specific School initiatives, each School is required to determine and promote a bespoke set of “CORE Characteristics”. These characteristics map each Value to a staff and student/pupil entitlement agreed by the Headteacher as appropriate to the local context of the School. The characteristics will be identifiable features of the School and celebrated with visitors to the School and stakeholders.

A CORE education for the children at each of our Schools is underpinned by a curriculum philosophy at the centre of which lies an uncompromising focus on the development of character and communication.

We welcome your views and encourage you to contact us if you would like to support our work.



Find out about your GCSEs here: @COREeducate #COREexcellence #COREopportunity

Students Friday Lessons are here: Well done, you have completed another week of Home Learning. Make sure that you get enough sleep, eat and drink well, and get regular exercise this weekend.
#COREconnects #StayInWorkOut #COREexcellence

9 Tips For Helping Your Child Manage Their Emotions and Behaviour At Home. It's a short, easy-to-read download that covers: Setting up positive routines in the home, The importance of being active, Setting and sticking to boundaries etc
Find it here:

We are pleased and excited to have been shortlisted for the Pearson Teaching Award for “Impact through Partnership” in recognition of our Echo Eternal project. - CEO, Adrian Packer CBE. @TeachingAwards @Pearson_UK #ClassroomHeroes @EchoEternal112 #COREpride

Wishing CORE Community @COREeducate a Happy Easter. Stay safe everyone @CORECityBham @COREJQAcademy @COREArenaAcad @CORERockwood

Happy Easter from City Academy🐣!! Enjoy the following video 😆⚽️🏑@COREeducate
#keepyupchallenge #stayhomeprotecttheNHSsavelives
#findHolness #DayanewFootbal 👍

Today, the @COREJQAcademy Science department donated its Personal Protective Equipment; including goggles, gloves and labcoats to a local NHS Trust hospital. We would like to show our appreciation for the superb work our NHS is doing to combat COVID-19 #COREheroes #CORErespect

For all of our year 11 students, please see the latest news regarding the awarding of GCSEs this summer #COREexcellence

YEAR 10 LISTEN UP! We see your effort and want to say a huge we’ll done. The full video is on our Instagram #ArenaPride

Students at Central Academy joining Joe Wick @thebodycoach and doing some PE 🏋️‍♀️🏋️to kick start their day !!👏 #COREcollaboration

Year 9 and 10: please see Friday's @MicrosoftTeams timetable. Please be signed in, via @Office365, and ready to engage in a day of #learningfromhome! #COREconnects. Online learning will cease at 12.30pm to begin the Easter break. #StayHomeSaveLives

Clapping from Rockwood for the NHS #clapforourcarers @clapforourcarers #clapforkeyworkers #CORErespect

Please see attached the end of term letter. We wish the #RockwoodFamily a safe and restful holiday and look forward to seeing you all soon! #COREcollaboration #COREopportunity #CORErespect #COREexcellence

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