Core Education Trust

CORE Education Trust

CORE Education Trust’s mission is to provide children with a high-quality educational experience realised through a collective commitment to four CORE Values:


We will promote, facilitate and support an outward facing culture in all our Schools.


We will run our Schools efficiently and effectively to develop capacity, ensure transparent governance and improve performance.


We will commit to beyond statutory safeguarding standards in our Schools and additionally ensure all our children have access to a wide range of cultural experiences.


We will be uncompromising in our aspiration to achieve the highest standards in all our endeavours and be committed to investing in programmes of excellence for all our staff to achieve this.

Each School will be supported, challenged and monitored to ensure these Values are embedded. As well as incorporating the CORE Values in the environment of the School and by adopting them into specific School initiatives, each School is required to determine and promote a bespoke set of “CORE Characteristics”. These characteristics map each Value to a staff and student/pupil entitlement agreed by the Headteacher as appropriate to the local context of the School. The characteristics will be identifiable features of the School and celebrated with visitors to the School and stakeholders.

A CORE education for the children at each of our Schools is underpinned by a curriculum philosophy at the centre of which lies an uncompromising focus on the development of character and communication.

We welcome your views and encourage you to contact us if you would like to support our work.

It’s almost show time! But which value will win? #collaboration #opportunity #respect #excellence

Students have been taking part in extra-curricular and in-school sessions with @WaspsRugby @WaspsCommunity and @cob_rockets. It's our mission to provide our students with a wide range of opportunities and cultural experiences.

Read all about it here:

From #Christmas classic #JingleBells to a student-led Arabic nativity, students at @CORERockwood have been showcasing their drama, language, and music talents during their Winter Festival and Arabic Language Day activities.

Read all about it here:

We were delighted to watch @CORENansen reception students perform 'Our First Nativity' yesterday - not once, but twice! #COREcollaboration #COREexcellence

When you watch the Nativity, performed by 4 year olds, you truly understand how you nurture tomorrow’s explorers! #COREcollaboration #COREopportunity #COREexcellence

Year 8 Boys were in District Cup action yesterday against Heartlands Academy. It was a fantastic performance resulting in a 10-2 victory. Well done lads! #COREexcellence

These Year 7s and Year 8s are taking part in the ‘Understanding Ourselves’ session. #COREcollaborate

Our CEO at @COREeducate, Adrian Packer CBE, has come in to take part in today’s sessions. He’s currently leading the lesson called Examining Gender. #COREcollaborate

The sessions have been designed by the Behavioural Insight Team and here at @CORERockwood, we are the first to try this new and exciting material. One of the sessions, pictured here, explores fake news and propaganda. #COREcollaborate

It’s SMSC Day here at @CORERockwood for all of our students. There are some excellent reflective sessions taking place. Lots of pictures to follow throughout the day, but here are some from the first sessions of the day. #COREcollaborate

Tomorrow is non-school uniform for our Charity Afternoon. We are looking forward to an afternoon of activities! #COREcollaboration Watch this space for The Arena's Got Talent Show!

Year 7 visited @unibirmingham yesterday. They attended lectures in Chemistry and Cave exploring in Engineering ... They even met Santa and sang some carols. It was a truly enriching day. Thank you! #COREopportunity

Some of our Pride Youth Network are debating current affairs in relation to LGBT+. #COREcollaboration

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