British Science Week 2019 Activities at Rockwood Academy

During the week of the 11th-15th March 2019, Rockwood Academy students celebrated British Science Week 2019, receiving a science grant in recognition of their programme of activities for the week.

Rockwood Academy students took part in a schoolwide science-themed interactive quiz delivered during their form-time, as well as an element scavenger hunt where students had to find sections of the periodic table displayed across the school.

Year 7 students took part in an informative and interactive workshop with Dudley Zoo, where students learnt about the types of habitats different species inhabit and the process of adaptation. Some of our braver students took the opportunity to handle a range of animals, including Snakes.

Year 8 students conducted a week-long experiment, investigating which fruits generate the most amount of electricity. Following their practical research, students developed their practical skills and examination techniques further by producing a research report.

Year 9 Students visited The Big Bang UK Young Scientists and Engineers Fair at the NEC. The fair provided students with opportunities to hear from a diverse range of active in-field scientists and engineers, take part in career-specific activities that ranged from programming robots, taking futuristic 3D selfies, and exploring the UK’s suitcase sized supercomputer, and discover the power and magic of working in a STEM career.

Year 9 and 10 students took part in the University of Birmingham’s annual Physics and Big Biology quizzes respectively. Year 9 students took the opportunity to showcase their developing science skills since beginning GCSE studies, with one of Rockwood Academy’s teams ranking first during the spot prize round.

Rockwood Academy’s weekly Science Club, run by Mr Shah, saw Year 7 and 8 students carried out some elemental fire-focussed practical work, developing their scientific knowledge and laboratory skills via interactive experiments. So far this year, the club have taken part in a variety of experiments including fire writing, making methane bubbles, and experimenting with slime.

Rockwood Academy’s schoolwide participation during British Science Week strengthens and supports their focus on integrating practical and interactive elements of STEM into their curriculum to prepare their students for a society where STEM careers have the power to transform the world they live in.