CORE Education Trust accredited as 100th Living Wage Employer in the West Midlands

The accreditation was announced during the Living Wage Foundation’s West Midlands event that took place on Monday 5th November 2018, as part of the Foundation’s Living Wage Week (Monday 5th-Saturday 10th November 2018) which raises awareness of the Living Wage campaign.

The real Living Wage is based on what people need to live and is paid by employers voluntarily. It is independently calculated every year, based on a basket of household goods and services. Today, the Living Wage Foundation have announced that the Real Living Wage is now £9.00 across the UK.

Why have CORE become a Real Living Wage Employer?

Through our collective commitment to their four CORE values, we focus on embedding and incorporating collaboration, opportunity, respect, and excellence into the environments of their schools. As such, we are always talking to the 4000 children across our six schools in Birmingham about making the right choice, and we believe becoming a Real Living Wage Employer is the right choice for our people.

Adrian Packer CBE, CEO of CORE Education Trust, said:

“At CORE Education, we pride ourselves on exemplifying pioneering leadership in education. We are therefore bold, ambitious and uncompromising in our focus on excellence to achieve consistently high standards and we invest heavily in our staff to support this.

“We passionately believe in ethical sponsorship and leading by example. For us, becoming a Living Wage Employer is about doing what is right for our people, and we encourage other multi-academy trusts to join us in the living wage movement.”

Tess Lanning, Director of the Living Wage Foundation said:

“The Living Wage campaign is about tackling the rising problem of people paid less than they need to live.”

“Employers that pay the real Living Wage enable their workers to live a life of dignity, supporting them to pay off debts and meet the pressures of rising bills. We want to see local councils, universities, football clubs, bus companies and the other major public and private sector employers in every city commit to become real Living Wage employers. When they do, thousands of people get a pay rise, but other local employers also follow their lead. If more of these institutions step up, we can start to build true Living Wage places.”