CORE Schools visit University of Oxford’s Keble College

On Wednesday 12th June 2019, a group of inspiring and passionate high-attaining Year 10 students from Arena Academy, City Academy and Rockwood Academy visited Keble College, which is one of the University of Oxford’s constituent colleges.

As part of CORE Education Trust’s CORE Days initiatives, the students took part in a collaborative taster day at Keble College. Beginning with an informative history of the University of Oxford, the students were taught about the application process. Students were given the opportunity to experience and explore university life by participating in a college and city tour. Rounding off the day, students discovered the Pitt Rivers Museum, who’s unique typological arrangement encouraged the students to discuss global cross-cultural reflections and celebrate human creativity and cultural diversity.

Keble College is one of the University of Oxford’s largest and oldest constituent colleges, founded in 1870. Keble College prides itself on the academic achievements  of its students and offers a supportive learning environment for its students to flourish.

The trip has inspired students to further consider higher education options in their future and many have begun working towards preparing themselves for applying to Keble College.

Students from Arena Academy commented on the visit:

“The day’s activities helped me to realise the importance of studying hard at school.”

“What a great day – I am now committed to achieving academic excellence.”