CORE Sporting Champions: Ijah

CORE Sporting Champions are students who promote the core values of collaboration, respect, and excellence in all the sporting opportunities they take part in.

Ijah Bogle is captain of the Jewellery Quarter Academy Year 10/11 basketball team and Captain of City Of Birmingham Rocket’s Under 16 Boys Premier team, which plays in the Basketball England Premier Division. Ijah has also played for the West Midlands Boys Under 15 Basketball Team in Basketball England’s Regional Development Tournament three years in a row. He plays as Power Forward, and occasionally as Centre.

CORE Education Trust sat down with Ijah to find out how he promotes our CORE values through his sporting achievements:

How did you get involved in Basketball?

I started off playing properly around Year 7, I wasn’t really into sport, mainly because I didn’t really play any sports when I was younger, but through PE, I got into Basketball and started playing it more and more.

I kind of liked Football because it was there, everyone else liked it, but I stopped and looked for something else. I tried athletics, and then I found Basketball. I used to play games in Primary School every couple of weeks, but I seriously started to play in Secondary School.

Captain for COB Rockets Under 16 Premier team is a big achievement, tell us about your time with them?

In Year 6, we played one of COB Rockets Youth Basketball league teams – I knew of them, but I wasn’t in to Basketball enough to go to them. When I started getting into it, I started going to trials and training days and they saw I was doing well and brought me up into the teams and I first played in the conference,  and I’ve played for them ever since. The school have always had a link with them, so it made it easier for me to do it.

Ijah captaining City of Birmingham Rockets U16 Prem team to a win over Derby Trailblazers 87-43

What’s the biggest thing you’ve learnt playing Basketball?

Leadership skills. As times gone by, I’ve had to take on a leadership role – it taught me how to lead a team the right way. When we’re playing school games that I’m captain in, it’s helped me help other players. Now I’m captain of my team at COB, I know what I’m doing, thanks to captaining the school team, and so I know how to lead my team to the top.

There’s a lot of players, and I’ve got to help each one out. Some people are new, so I like to guide them. We have set plays, so I like to teach them how to do them, especially if the coaches are busy doing something different.

How often do you train?

Two days a week training, and sometimes I like to play three, just for the extra basketball. Weekends are games, usually on both days. I’d like to train more, but that’ll happen hopefully when I get into college. Right now, I’m juggling Basketball and school.

What’re your ambitions post-school?

I’d love to do something to do with sport, whether its basketball or not. I can see myself playing Basketball professionally, if I really put my mind to it. There are other things I could do, I’ll always make sure I’ve got the option to branch out to something else.

How have Jewellery Quarter Academy helped you in your Basketball journey?

They’ve helped me in loads of ways. In making me captain of the Basketball team, I’m able to lead anyone who doesn’t know what they’re doing, and answer questions they have, and gain more experience in a leadership role.

 There’s been this tournament that I’ve been to three years in a row with West Midlands Under 15’s – Basketball England’s Regional Development Tournament – and the previous two tournaments the school has helped fund the trip, which allows me to play in it and represent the region and the school.

Who are your sporting idols?

Kevin Durant, Usain Bolt, and Michael Jordan.

Can you give us a motivational quote to inspire other students?

It won’t just happen overnight, you’ve got to play outside of school, train outside of school – you’ve got to earn the minutes.”

Jewellery Quarter Academy Headteacher Mr Bond with Ijah.