On Wednesdays we have enjoyed Vlogs, with words of wisdom from Teachers across CORE Education Trust. The videos showcase the Wednesday Wisdom topics with the aim of inspiring, educating and supporting our students while we continue to learn and work during lockdown

The first week’s Vlog inspired students to ‘cultivate their own confidence’ through increasing their knowledge of how to define confidence and by increasing their understanding of where confidence comes from. They were asked to attempt to ‘cultivate their own confidence’ by setting themselves a SMART target that will challenge them. By writing an action plan students are better prepared to face their challenge head on, developing their confidence along the way.

Students have access to all of the COREextra videos via our YouTube Channel and can use these Wednesday Wisdom Vlogs as tools during lock down; to try new things to challenge themselves; to look after their mental health and to stay connected to their teachers.

Students have been responding to these words of wisdom via email: WednesdayWisdom@core-education.co.uk we have enjoyed sharing stories of inspiration and success on Twitter and the @COREconnects instagram.