Nansen Primary School introduce No Outsiders: Equality Act resources to parents

This week (19th November-23rd November 2018) at Nansen Primary School, staff have been welcoming parents to come and discover, discuss and learn all about the ‘No Outsiders’ project, which introduces our students to the Equality Act through their curriculum.

Taking inspiration and using resources from Andrew Moffatt MBE’s “No Outsiders In Our School,” staff at Nansen Primary School will use specially selected children’s books ranging from Early Years to Year 6 to:

  • Teach our students about the Equality Act 2010 and British values,
  • Prepare our students for a life in modern Britain
  • Teach our students to be proud of who they are while recognising and celebrating difference and diversity
  • Develop resilience in our students
  • Create a positive school ethos where everyone feels they belong.

The books address issues including gender and gender identity, religion, sexual orientation, disability and age. Some of the books that’ll be taught to students include:

  • My Princess Boy by Cheryl Kilodavis
  • King and King by Linda De Haan
  • Mommy, Mama, and ME by Leslea Newman
  • Elmer the Patchwork Elephant by David McKee
  • The First Slodge by Jeanne Willis

Parents who’ve attended the sessions so far have found them engaging and rewarding, they have been very approving of the initiative.

By implementing the Equality Act into the curriculum, we are ensuring that not only are we nurturing tomorrow’s explorers to promote our CORE values, but to prepare our students for a life in modern Britain where they all belong.

If you missed the parental meetings and would like to see the books and hear all about “No Outsiders,” please contact Miss Tyrrell via Nansen Primary School’s school office.