Nansen Primary School meets Army Pharmacist at Queen Elizabeth Hospital

On Thursday 14th February 2019, 10 Year 3 girls from Nansen Primary School visited Queen Elizabeth Hospital as part of the I Can Be programme.

As part of the programme, the students visited Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Birmingham, taking part in a workshop led by the Royal Centre for Defence Medicine’s Major Amanda Pye about her life as an Army Pharmacist.  The session began with the group exploring Amanda’s role, discovering and understanding what activities happen in a typical day for an Army Pharmacist. Following this, each member of the group was able to ask Amanda questions, engaging in discussion about her role and the challenges she faces.

The students were promoting our CORE values during the visit, working together collaboratively to problem solve during activities. One of the activities involved looking at a set of criteria and organising different coloured beads into the correct slots within a pill holder. This encouraged the students to work together to solve the task at hand and consider the importance of making sure all of the combinations were correct.

The visit, which allowed the students to meet and converse with a female professional in a male dominated workplace, has encouraged them to consider their options for when they’re older and the careers they may like to pursue. Here are just a selection of quotes from the students about their visit:

“I didn’t know ladies could be in the army! I want to join.” – Saddiya

“If I worked in a pharmacy I would make sure that everyone always has the right medicines no matter what.” – Badriya

“I had so much fun! When are we going again?” – Aima

I Can Be brings Year 3 girls into the world of work, broadening their horizons and helping them to discover the breadth of opportunity around them. The aim of the programme is to enable girls to explore jobs they otherwise may never be exposed to, building their curiosity and confidence along the way.

Miss Tyrrell is leading the programme at Nansen Primary School. Speaking about the project and its importance, she said:

This was an insightful and interesting experience that has broadened the horizons of our girls. Not only is I Can Be giving them the opportunity to meet a range of female professionals, but it is also encouraging them to think about their future goals. We want to ensure that our students at Nansen feel confident to pursue their interests and this project is an excellent start!”