Nansen Primary School take part in ActionAid’s Big Me 2018

On Thursday 11th October, Nansen Primary School took part in its second ‘Big Me’ day, a nationwide fundraiser for ActionAid, where children come into school dressed as what they want to be when they grow up.

ActionAid is an international charity that works with women and girls living in poverty, dedicated to ending violence and changing lives. Big Me Week 2018 took place across the 8th-12th October.

This year’s themes were ambition and perseverance. The aim of the themes was to encourage, inspire, and motivate the children to aim as high as possible in the pursuit of their dreams.

From doctors, scientists, and teachers to YouTubers, videogame designers, and makeup artists; the ambitions and imaginations of the children ran positively wild as their lessons focussed on their dreams and their future. With activities as interactive and as varied as in-class catwalks and guest speaker assemblies, Nansen Primary School’s Big Me day was an enriching success.

The next generation of Nansen Primary School Teachers.

The guest speakers came from a variety of backgrounds, careers, and experiences. Like the themes of the day, the talks focussed on aiming high and overcoming obstacles in pursuing their dreams. Speakers included Jay Lewis, a 21 year old female construction worker and world championship BMX rider; Shakan Pitters, a 28 year old boxer who gave up football to follow his dream of becoming a boxer; Tarik, an ex-health mentor turned spoken word poet and workshop facilitator for young people; and Jack Press, a 23 year old marketing and PR assistant for CORE Education Trust and freelance music journalist. All of their talks were inspiring, and the children really enjoyed hearing about the different way’s dreams can be achieved.

Nansen Primary School’s ‘Big Me’ day coincided with International Day of the Girl. Female students weren’t afraid of celebrating this, as many came dressed as police officers, scientists, and soldiers.

The children found the day incredibly enjoyable and inspiring.