Rockwood Academy Cadets visit CCF Central Camp

Rockwood Academy’s Combined Cadet Force students visited Crowborough Training Camp in East Sussex for the annual CCF Central Camp during the 23rd-29th June 2019.

17 cadets from Years 8, 9 and 10 took part in the Central Camp, which is the culmination of a cadet’s training cycle and is designed to offer a wide range of unique activities which develop the skills learned during Rockwood Academy’s training programme and put to the test in new experiences during the week.

On day one, training consisted of rotating through the following stands: live firing on the camp shooting range, obstacle course navigation, shotgun training, paintball and laser guest activities, and mine-locating.

Day two was focused on Adventurous Training, which was split between the morning and afternoon sessions. The morning saw the Rockwood Academy cadets take part in mountain biking, STEM-focused activities, and archery. The afternoon involved floating on the reservoir in open kayaks as well as a team competition that involved building a raft from oil drums and planks, which were used competitively to race each other in the water.

Day three saw the Rockwood Academy contingent move into the field, taking part in specialised training with the 11th Infantry Brigade, one of the British Army’s 6 Adaptable Force brigades. They produced 4 fieldcraft stands and a Platoon-level attack against an undisclosed number of enemy positions. Cadets also took part in an outdoors ‘escape room’ challenge, were shown how a vehicle checkpoint works, and took part in a platoon ambush. The cadets then took to the woods, building their own tents, cooking their own food and staying out overnight.

On day four, Rockwood Academy’s cadets took part in morning and afternoon sessions. In the morning, cadets were taught how to build off the ground stretchers and then tasked with showcasing their new-found skills by building them in teams. They also took part in an orienteering exercise. The morning session was completed by an axe and spear-throwing session which highlighted how food was captured during the medieval era. The afternoon session saw cadets take part in first aid and compound clearing.

On day five, the cadets worked as a team and participated in 10 competition stands, which were designed around the week’s training. Rockwood Academy competed against well-established schools within the Cadet movement, however each of Rockwood’s cadets took part in at least one stand with dedication and passion. Overall, Rockwood’s cadets achieved 4 Bronze and 6 Silver medals, with particular success seen during the Mountain Biking and Survival challenges.

11 of the 17 attending cadets won medals, whilst overall the cadets achieved 8 CCF Basic passes and 4 Advance passes, which are awarded to cadets as part of the Cadet Force Syllabus. These passes resulted in the promotion of both Cadets and Staff.

Z. Bashir and O. Bostan were promoted from Cadet to Lance Corporal whilst M. Waseem was promoted from Cadet Lance Corporal to Full Corporal. Staff member and Second Lieutenant Ms Walker was promoted to Full Lieutenant.

CORE Education Trust and Rockwood Academy are incredibly proud of their CCF cadets and their achievements during Central Camp and across the academic year.