Rockwood Academy joins forces with charity Homeless Heroes to help Birmingham’s homeless

Rockwood Academy, run by CORE Education Trust, has begun an ongoing partnership with Homeless Heroes which will see pupils and staff raising funds and helping out at the charity’s soup kitchen.

The charity, set up by Birmingham resident Javed Iqbal, provides food, beverages and clothing for the homeless four times a week.  It relies solely on donations from friends, family and the public.

Staff at Rockwood Academy, including Principal Fuzel Choudhury, have already spent an evening helping at Homeless Heroes’ soup kitchen in Albert Street in the city centre.


Fuzel Choudhury, Principal at Rockwood Academy

Fuzel Choudhury, Principal at Rockwood Academy

A series of lessons and assemblies are now planned at the school on the topic of homelessness, while pupils are to join staff over the coming months to also lend a hand at the soup kitchen.

Charity Shelter earlier this month revealed that there are 9,560 homeless people in Birmingham.  Shelter’s shocking figures came just days after a 30-year-old homeless man was found dead on a Birmingham street on what was the coldest night of the year.

Rockwood Academy’s Principal Fuzel Choudhury said: “I have read with dismay the recent coverage regarding the issue of homelessness in Birmingham.

“We wanted to do something to not only help those in need, but also to ensure our pupils are aware of the issue and feel galvanised into taking action to do something too.


“My staff and I are grateful to Homeless Heroes for allowing my senior leadership team and myself to join them and to see first-hand the incredible work they are doing.

“The night we spent with them was eye-opening and cemented my passion for ensuring we make this partnership a success.

“Giving back to the local community is the very foundation that Rockwood Academy is built on.

“We want to instil a sense of responsibility in our students, so that when they leave Rockwood, they remain conscious of those around them who are less fortunate and are focused in helping to change lives.”


Volunteers helping dish out food to the homeless in Birmingham

Volunteers helping dish out food to the homeless in Birmingham

CORE Educational Trust’s CEO Adrian Packer said: “This partnership with Homeless Heroes is an opportunity for the students to learn about the real issues and dire circumstances many people face in this world.

“I think it is particularly poignant that the partnership has been launched at Christmas, a time when many of us are guilty of being overly exuberant.

“This is a time to reflect and be grateful for what we have and to also spend time helping others that are less fortunate than we are.”

Homeless Heroes’ Founder Javed Iqbal said: “We are so thankful to the staff at Rockwood Academy for taking time out to support the work we do.

“We all experience difficult times in life and everyone needs a helping hand sometimes. We want to help as many people as possible to get back on their feet.

“Even a small conversation or interaction with a homeless person is enough to make a difference.

“We are so busy in our own lives; we often forget to acknowledge the person right in front of us.

“We want to change that. We want to eradicate homelessness in our city.”