Rockwood Trip to the British Open Wheelchair Championships

Six Year 10 students finished the academic year 2017/18 with a trip to the British Open Wheelchair Championships in Nottingham which highlighted that the CORE Values of Collaboration, Opportunity, Respect and Excellence truly permeate everything that we do at Rockwood Academy.

In collaboration with the Tennis Foundation and as a School of Tennis we use this sport to promote physical fitness and as a tool to raise aspiration and increase experiences for our students.

The students took the opportunity not only watch world class tennis, but also to get stuck in during a training session with a wheelchair athlete.

They gained respect for the determination of the athlete who had only use of his arms and was paralysed from the armpits downwards. Invited to step into the shoes of a wheelchair tennis player, the students developed empathy by using a wheelchair themselves.

The excellence that our students observed during this fabulous day inspired them to not give in when encountering setbacks. Speaking to CEO Adrian Packer one of the students commented that he now viewed disability differently and had a new found drive to try his very best during his GCSE examinations next year.