We Are Getting Together

“Echo Eternal- Now” is a supplementary element to the UKHMF education project, “Echo Eternal- Hear”.

The Echo Eternal- Now project is bringing together 12 different schools from across Birmingham to collaborate in pairs on 6 civic campaigns with a simple objective to “make positive change through difference”. The starting point to this will be inspired by the “Great Get Together”, a celebration in memory of Jo Cox, promoting her belief that we have more in common than that which divides us.

During the Great Get Together, students from CORE Education Schools will partner with other Schools participating in Echo Eternal- Hear. The students will meet en masse and be introduced to the story of Jo Cox and learn about the issues that Jo championed. The students will then be introduced to their partner school and, with an adult facilitator, determine their campaign pledge. The students will then return to the wider group and share their pledges.

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